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Science Simulations  Here are many science simulations that are fun, and may help teach physical concepts.

Digitally Restoring Old Recordings on the Cheap  This article reviews many software products that can be useful in digitally restoring old recordings.

Removing Clicks from Recordings  Here are some helpful suggestions on how to remove clicks manually from a recording.  Precise instructions are supplied for doing this on Audio Cleaning Lab.

Phase Alignment of Recordings.  This article discusses how to get the best quality from mono recordings by adjusting the phase of the two stereo channels.  The problem is that phase shifts between left and right channels can cause improper reproduction on mono systems. Generally such phase shifts are introduced by recordings on tape.  This can also be a problem with some stereo recordings.  In addition some suggestions are made for optimally reducing noise on FM broadcasts. Precise instructions are supplied for doing this on Audio Cleaning Lab using the Virtos Stereo Processor.

Restoring old Videos.  This article discusses some of the problems and pitfalls of restoring old videos.  If the original has deteriorated too badly a professional service might have the equipment to fix it.  But many videos are easily restored using existing available hardware and software.

Jukebox for Dancing Review  This article compares some commonly available jukebox programs from the point of view of using then for recreational dance groups.

Winamp Modern Folk Dance Skin  This skin has been designed for use by recreational dance groups.  It is to be used with Winamp  When this skin is combined with recommended plug-ins and settings,  dance programs can be easily set up with a minimum of problems.

VirtualDub and Avisynth filters:  This is a collection of my filters or modifications of existing filters for video processing.

Houston International Folk Dancers  Enjoy doing dances from around the world.  Join us either Friday or Monday nights.  Come by yourself or bring a friend.  No experience is necessary as we do dances ranging from the simple to difficult.  First time is free, but there is a nominal fee after that to defray the cost of the hall.  Click here for the list of our recording library.  More folk dance information is available at and there is a database of dances at .  The Texas International Folk Dancers organization sponsors one large camp over Thanksgiving weekend.  The dance lists are in Excel format.  You can get an Excel reader at:  Anyone in search of good quality folk dance music should know that most of the older recordings are out of print, but some are still available from various sources.  Some of the Folkraft recordings are available in CD.  The Tamburitzans and NAMA have compilations of some of their recordings available in CD.  Yves Moreau has released some good quality CDs of music.  The Folk Dancer recordings are now available from the Kentucky Dance Federation in poor transcriptions, as the master tapes were lost.  Various used recordings can be found on the web.  Unfortunately many recordings reissued by dance teachers on CD have been poorly transcribed.  The original LP and 45 recordings required the assistance of competent engineers so their quality was generally better than homemade tape and CD transcriptions.

Clement family genealogy  Here are my ancestors according to the information that I have been able to find..


Topics of interest to Teachers

Glencoe – IPC TX edition – errata -  Exposes some of the numerous errors in this popular text.

What’s in a Touch – Exposes misconceptions on the Worsley School web site.

Misconceptions on Worsley School Web Site – Exposes more misconceptions on this web site.

Movies on the Web - movies that can be used in teaching science.
Technology - Comments on and some recommendations for technology to enhance teaching.