Minds•on Physics Simulations

by John M. Clement


These simulations are written to accompany the texts Minds•on Physics by William J. Leonard, Robert J. Dufresne, William J. Gerace, Jose P. Mestre published by Kendall/Hunt. MOP is a series of volumes designed to promote concept-based problem solving.  Some of these simulations are to be used for more than one activity.

Volume 1 Motion

Activity   5 A 1. - Ball thrown up

Activity   5 A 3. - Toy car attached to rubber band

Activity   5 A 4./21 A5 - Mass hanging on spring

Activity   5 A 5. - Ball rolling up inclined plane

Activity   5 A 6. - Sprinter indoor 100m race

Activity   8 A/19 B - Ball tossed at an angle

Activity   8 B - Three sprinters

Activity 12 A - Motion of dynamics cart

Activity 12 B - Motion of a Falling marble

Activity 12 C/24 A - Motion of a Toy Car

Activity 14 B - The Effect of Situation Changes on Position and Velocity Graphs

Activity 16 - Race between Merinda and Joey

Activity 19 A - Motion of a Toy Car in both directions

Activity 24 B - Motion of a Small Rubber Ball

Activity 27 - Relating Graphs of Position, Velocity, and Acceleration

Example R12 - Comparing velocity for 3 cars

Example R16 - Race between Joe and Del

Example R19 - Constant Velocity of a Car

Example R24 - Constant Acceleration of a Car

Example R32 - Changing Acceleration of a Dragster

Volume 2 Interactions

Activity 55 A - Motion of a Rolling Rubber Ball

Activity 55 B - Motion of a Falling marble

Activity 55 C - Motion of a thrown ball

Projectile Motion



Pictures are taken from the Minds·on Physics text published by Kendall/Hunt.  They may not be used for any other purpose without permission from the publisher.

These simulations are based on Physlets® by Wolfgang Christian  at Davidson College.  The Physlets code may not be sold or commercially distributed for profit without permission of the author.


July, 2000